Tour “Traditional Gastronomy and Sardinian wines”


“Traditional Sardinian Gastronomy and Typical Wines”

Groups min. 6 – up to max. 24 pax – 6 days/5 nights

Tour through time and places in search of the lost flavors …


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The tour starts from Cagliari with its coasts and its clear sea offers the opportunity to taste succulent dishes of fresh fish, from sea urchins, mussels to the fish soup or marinated fish , “burrida” & “scabecciu”. All accompanied by two typical wines area, <Nuragus and Vermentino>! While staying at Cagliari we recommend a visit to the cellars of the winery Argiolas.
The territory of the province of Cagliari also offers specialties such as various types of meat. Unmissable also <Panadas of Assemini> (pasta baskets stuffed with mixed meat or eels and vegetables) and the typical local  sweets.
From the Campidano agricultural area we will drive into the heart of Sardinia inland Nuoro and Barbagia, mother of Cannonau Earth with its typical variations like the full-bodied <Nepente> of Oliena, guests can sample a variety of authentic sausages (the sausage of Irgoli and the Sardinian cured ham and various wild boar meat preparations), mature cheeses <Fiore di Sardegna> (Sardinian flower) to enjoy with the famous <Pane Carasau> or <Music Card>. Another feature is the rustic lunch with true shepherds in the wild forests of cork oaks, at which time you will have the pleasure of tasting the real suckling pig <su porceddu>, cooked according to the traditional recipe barbaricina and served on a bed of myrtle leaves. In conclusion of meal, we suggest a selection of sweets, such as Aranzada and nougat from Tonara.
The route continues towards the Gallura, where the kitchen serves old poor soups born for the need to reuse stale bread and ingredients present in the home, the soup “Cuata” and that “berchiddese”. Among the granite rocks that characterize this territory it is vinified the same name Vermentino and Moscato di Tempio, pleasant to accompany with <Acciuleddos> (cakes covered with honey). In the town of Berchidda, also, you can visit the only wine museum on the island.
On the route to the west, we can visit the city of Alghero with its Hispanico-Catalan roots. There you can taste the famous Catalan lobster. significant wine production in the area and its <Vermentino>, <Torbato>, <Cagnulari> and various sparkling.  Leave Alghero and along the coral coast we reach the  town of Bosa  called the Venice of Sardinia for its development along the banks of the river Temo.  Short stop to take a break to enjoy a glass of excellent local Malvasia.
The return to the south brings us to cross the green pastures of the hills surrounding Santa Lussurgiu, Paulilatino, Milis, and Narbolia Bauladu, ideal habitat for the breeding of the <Red Ox> (Sardo-Modicana native breed) raised as formerly state wild, it is offering a tasty meat unique taste and quality. In this area of ​​the island then, you can enjoy tasty <Casizzolu cheese>.  Do not miss out, finally, the best <Maccaroni de Busa> Sardinian pasta made by hand with the help of knitting needles, and a characteristic digestive <Filu Ferru> (a very alcoholic Sardinian grappa). then we take the road that takes us back to Cagliari, where our tour ends not before we had wished the participants “assibiri” goodbye in the Sardinian language.